Who we are

JHAS is an aircraft Seating company!

We are committed to satisfying the global demand by striving to be a preeminent seating hub based on the synergy between three nations’ strengths and culture:

Our qualified and motivated Team of people expert technicians ensure the best service. We take a New Customer-Centered approach. With decades of applied diligence and professionalism, we innovate in our field, establish the quality standards, and encapsulate Value in everything we do.


ISO 9100

Where we are in CHINA

JHAS China is located at 1 Aviation Road, High & New Technology Economic Zone, Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province, CHINA. 30,000M² for the modern factory for the Production and Assembly line.

Where we are in USA

JHAS sets its BOARD of DIRECTOR office in Seattle USA

Where we are in ITALY

JHAS S.p.A in Italy is the Design and Research Center of JHAS, it was registered in May 2017 with its factory base of 2000 square meters and is located at via dei Monti Lepini, Latina, Italy. We hire a team of 25 skilled Designers, Engineers working for:
  • Research and Development
  • Design and Engineering
  • Certifications
  • Prototype and Innovative Product
  • Assembly and Quality control
  • Sales Dispatch and Customer Service