Who we are

JHAS is an aircraft Seating company! We have a Team of expert technicians. We take a New Customer-Centered approach. JHAS is a Seat and Design manufacturer Our team is working together to share the concepts and ideals, to have a “Unique” Product, tailored made with Italian’s Style and Design and fully customizable to the Customer request. Be Different from the traditional approach!

Our Vision

Our aircraft seating company was founded on solid ethical and moral principles, the same principles guiding us in our life and our work, pushing us to do better everyday and gives us a sense of purpose and accomplishment in what we do.

We value quality above everything and we hope to spread our passion for craftmanship to all our partners and clients.

We strive our best to put people’s well-being and satisfaction at the core of our business as we believe that these values are key factors to achieve excellence in our products and services. We believe that our approach is the best way to achieve our ultimate goal: to make everyone feel satisfied and give a sense of belonging to the JHAS world.

Being part of this world means being part of a family, where we all help and support each other to reach our goals.

That’s what makes us different and unique.

Customer Centered Approach

The mission of our aircraft seating company is to change the traditional way of design seats. Our long established experience in the field makes us capable of managing and deliverying all kind of requests from our clients.

We have the ambition to change the way of thinking and produce seats. We provide our customers with exclusive tailormade solutions that meets all their requirments in a innovative fashion.

Thanks to our craftmanship and techincal skills, every client will have a unique product and premium service. We serve our clients with the same care of an Italian tailor, with a taste for innovation and the ability to go beyond the traditional manufacturing of seats.

Approval and Certificate

JHAS SPA is approved by EASA for design and certification of ETSO article meeting the requirements of :


Quality Management System

Our QMS is in compliance with the standard AS9100D / EN 9100:2018

JHAS SPA is a certified supplier OIN: 6147608929

Certificate reference AS/176/18/S
For information concerning validity of the certificate, you can visit the site:

OASIS resource contains a list of suppliers who are certified / registered under the IAQG rules to be in compliance with the aerospace quality management system requirements (9100 series).